Taking control without it being force is what I do...

Goddess Davina

30 May 1978
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Well let's see ...sooo you want to know about me now do you....I'm a ***online/pro/lifestlye Domme~Goddess***.....That specialize in all ***type of fetishes***...so just confess all those dirty thoughts you been holding back you perverted sick slut pup...it don't make sense to hold all that filthy things inside like that...it's gonna cum out sooner or later....I'm also into natural hypnosis by using my MIND & BEAUTY to control everything about you....you want to do your best always with me and only me now don't you...uh huh ...yes you do...so go with that feeling and serve your TRUE GODDESS...

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The only thing that should matters in your life is ME...

Stop Dreaming and make it a reality ...you live only once....some fantasies were meant to cum true......


I only want money slaves,pets,sluts,curious subs, who is very dedicated to Serve...obey...spoil....pamper....ME...~your~GODDESS~DAVINA~....

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