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17 November 2007 @ 10:17 pm
the 50's/2008  
  Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts,etc...been very busy and my regular pets/sluts Dq mary,TS mike,ttd joe,cmt toilet slut been doing a great job keeping me happy($$$$) and a few hit and run subs came drop $$$$ and dash....haha gotta luv them ...those are the best sometimes less work for me....not that I do much work anyways....haha.....well I've been searching for HOOKERS and I found some "INTERNATIONAL BURLESQUE" hookers in 1955 ...J/K just kidding people loosen up ...I'm just making a point here as they have been discussion about the new generation of dommes being called hookers with a whip because of what they wear....domination have always been where the dommes can wear what they wanted to wear whether it the traditional ,sexiness or long johns(meaning wear whatever you please)if you were living with your slave I don't remember anyone jumping out of the bed with latex,leather and boots on *wink*...and there also have been a problem among the net about dominating women showing some or lil skin on cam or in RL is consider hookers....women been showing their sex appeal for a very long time and to me if I was to show some of my skin on live cam which I haven't only one person seen me on cam and that was to prove who I was before buying my beautiful ring and camera among other things which I did not show one piece of skin , but if I was to it would be my business(I don't do nudity on cam at all)...I do have pics that shows implied nudity and have some semi nudity pics too...I'm wondering what's the difference as a guy seeing you on cam doing tease and denial then the burleque dancing,feeling on themselves,teasing and stripping down in front of a big LIVE audience..... guys/women had respect for them and this was in the 1950's we are going into the 2008 from what I see there wasn't really any difference to me except for people by now should be a lil bit more open minded wouldn't you think?.. this version vid is consider a clean one. I've seen others more explicit back then if you know what I mean *wink*...now what is the difference between bra and panties then wearing a two peice bikini on a beach or in the swimming pool with kids/men and everybody and their grand mama around while the bikini top showing their hard nipples and their camel toe is protruding out of their bikini's from the wetness and pulling their bikini bottom out of their asscrack from being in the water....... asscheeks hanging out don't matter if it's a full back or not ass is still hanging out , but that's accepted in society.... so the new trend is maybe the hookers with whips should buy swimwear and it will be consider acceptable because society accepts that then wearing bras and panties or sexy wear in the opening or should I say the *net* and splash a lil water on you to make it look real *hint hint* like the pool/beach and don't forget the whip...yippieeeee ......it just show how some people are backwards in their thinking.... doncha think....I'm just expressing my opinion you know on what I've been seeing and hearing...so my closing point is ...why vanilla people(vanilla world) can accept women wearing a bikini with her goods hanging out in broad daylight in front of everyone on a beach and here we are in a BDSM and D/s world .....where we suppose to be open minded with our kinks ....that women who are dommes get ridicule about what their wearing while they are dominating their subs/slaves..... now YOU tell me what's wrong with this picture?...haha LMAO.......anyway... mmm sipping on my eggnog coffee from my k cup coffee maker no cream added .....maybe I will add more about this "HOOKERS"discussion on my next post...... here's a nice clip when women were proud of their sexiness in the 50's may I add ......just double click so you can go to site... 


Until Goddess Davina Speak Again

*Spanks* *Spanks*
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