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11 November 2007 @ 08:42 pm
I love Me  

   Well well well...lookie here lookie here..I'm I right yessss indeed..Her qoute:    Running this blog does not cost me anything. Wordpress is free and ***** bought the ******** domain for me (another free gift!), but I do spend more time than I dare tot up writing this stuff. So maybe it’s okay to earn a little money for that. I am not over sure-but I guess if I am earning money for other people by sending paying traffic to their sites I ought to share the spoils."~~......hmmmmm I wonder and people tried to say I don't know what I'm talking about.....they worrying about my spelling then the point I'm trying to make......(what happen to her day job)this is what I'm talking about....... I don't have to have a cyrstal ball to read somebody ,but remember now I'm not educated enough to see through their lies...still talking down on findommes and prodommes......she's trying to keep the money where she's at on her millions of fake ass accounts....believe me this not the only blog she has......funny thing is I think I know who this is and she's hiding behind this fake ass account....but her boyfriend is her master...LMMFAO(laughing my motherfucking ass off)....why you think he say the gifts and tribute should go to him...this lady thinks she's brainwashing people maybe you ,but not me...we all know that the sub who spam her blog was her fake account(looking for attention)...she couldn't even defend herself(maybe IP address?) ..think about how defensive all the subs was protecting her and calling prodommes drones...bitch please!!!.....a sub should know his place unless it's her hiding behind the account ....then we all can understand right? *laughs*...no I'm NOTsorry people, you might not like what I write ..what's the since of going around the block when I can deliver it to your front door....I'm straight on point about things and when you try to down a person or any person that includes me on what I'm doing with my subs/slaves then yesss I'm shoving my size ten down your ass....I don't care....talk all you want, but don't bash a person for the things you never done, but want to.... ...that's what it's really about...you don't have the guts to do it....maybe your master is on your back all the time riding you and the pressure is just building up.... so lashing out on people just make you feel better...you and your clan can't back shit up...but for my uneducated ass I can back all my shit up about my RL experiences..... what do you got?....stay hidden in your lil shell if that's what make you feel sooo strong and better then others....
the bottom line is people... she's really about the money too,but a different approach....she back track her blog trying to make excuses why she put this and that  here and there(affiliates)... now *My point * is...you can have a Ph.D and all the degrees in the world ,but people are still naive and can be brainwash into scams, is this is one of them?...who knows *shrugs*

if you don't see it, oh well one day fuckers....

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*


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