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09 November 2007 @ 04:59 pm

   Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts,and etc....well the ebil aunt came and gone ...I still feel bitchy though...I haven't had a chance to post my past gifts because I've been sooo busy....well what I wanted to talk about is since when did prudishville cross over to domination...the reason why I ask that because of a MDS forum where this supposely sub spam this lady/man  blog whoever it is her name *bitchy @#@#* on there ,asking people what they thought of her  is she insightful or bitter...my opinion she seems very BITTER....the name fits her well because all through there she Bashing findommes,prodomme and lifestyle dommes on what they do with their slave/subs,but she had a few articles that guys would consider wanker material on her blog...though she talk down on wankers....also telling dommes shouldn't wear  highheels and all kinds of crap...she disaprove on alot of things like feminization [which I luv to do] ,pussy worshipping so you know ass licking is out and body worshipping is definite out.....but never try any of it but want to be so fucking judgemental...but wait people she claim to be a lifestyle and enjoy giving pain.....but I guess her pussy don't twitch while pinching on the guys nipples or caning the fuck out of them..wait I think they need to be naked to get cane well my slaves does...I guess her slaves  is fully clothes cus she also talk about porn and nakedness...on how women shouldn't show their bodies I guess we shouldn't go to the gym either cus yanno our sweaty gym clothes sticking to our bodies might make the guys pull out their dick right there and  start wanking..... she sound like someone from the 1900's... I seen her/his type before talking down on others while on the side they got their *Big Daddy Fill All My Three Holes *phoneline on...so they try to tell others they are wrong for getting money or accepting money from guys  in Rl  or online basically telling them their time aint worth a damn but wait it's ok to take their money through your phoneline ...shhh we don't know about that right? it's ok it's our lil secret...she brags about not taking no tribute but wait again she accept gifts and brags about it  aawwwww ain't that cute....fuck that...she/he is a hypocrite....so that's was  my question for the day since when did prudishville cross over to domination ........if I wanted prudishville I go outside my door with my strap-on hanging and see all the prudishville all day and  all night.....what gives anyone the right to tell you what you should do with your slave or how to dress as a domme ....she can't back her claim up at all ....hiding behind a blank profile talking all that crap never had hand on hand training on any of the stuff that she diss, but want to tell dommes what is a true domme.....she whines about why slaves won't come her way because of how the dommes are presenting themselves.......one thing I know is ..... it don't matter if your fully clothes or butt naked...or your an older domme or a younger domme a slave is going to serve who he wants to serve that's the bottom line.....

ok here are some of my past gifts.....oh I love being a female ...I love being pamper with flowers,jewelry,chocolates,gifts,cash,and everything else that cums with spoiling me....but yet I can take you places you never been....HAHA

Godiva Chocolates from wtbb and pink sexy dress

this dress is sooo hot on me....

baby phat top and glasses from ttdjoe... sooo cute....

Untill Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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