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27 October 2007 @ 01:20 pm
Confident /arrogance  

  Today was starting off to a great start till I got this negative message...this guy or girl who know these days.... trying to label me...first of all you don't know me to label me..are you with me 24/7 to sit there and put a label on me...no your not!!!...why is it that a less attractive girl can say I'm beautiful, I'm one n only, and everything else good about her  is consider "qoute on qoute" *confident*, but when a beautiful women is confident she is consider arrogant...*BULLSHIT*...I never exaggerate about anything about myself(cus I don't have to) and  every slave that done something for me...they did it *willingly* ..who the hell are you to judge me...not once I spam my wishlist on every post telling someone to buy me something or tribute buttons, because when your confident you don't have to do that.... this is my journal I used to write stuff about me and updates...I may post when there a vid or pics set(cumming soon) to buy(when your getting something)..I always show appreciation what MY *devoted slaves* did for me and that's it...I also don't have links splatter all over the place saying pay me pay me,but this fucker had the nerve to say that...FUCK YOU in the asshole with a dick wrap in sandpaper till it bleeds...I hope your reading this too...usually I ignore things like this ,maybe it's my PMS'ING that got me going ,but as I said before *FUCK YOOOOOU*  ...how bout that..people like you just make me stronger..I just got a boost of energy...thank you ....This will be a new day for me ...I never copy anybody my youtube vids are original look at the dates (people try to follow me) people been leaving me messages for more vids and I will be working on more stuff ,but I won't show it for some other bitches to steal or copy it.....I can't wait..I will post more tomorrow ..I'm not done with topic by a long shot fucker....

Here's what he or she had said..this is the reason why I don't leave Comments open on my journal

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*

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