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17 October 2007 @ 11:12 pm
a great week 4 me  
 Hello to every1 and to all my sluts,pets and etc....over the weekend went out and was buzzing for like two days finally felt better tuesday....so far this week I have been soo busy controlling minds, teasing, and draining $$$$ that i'm just soaking through my panties...good thing I have a very good supply of them thanks to a few sluts mainly one special slut(wtbb) *wink*....keep up the good work to the bois who $$$$ .. of course my lil wttb,along with my other sluts ttdjoe,toesniffer mike(who suppose to be sending money) ,Dq mary,toilet slut,and the hit and runs scardie fucks y'all  keep it up too...I recieved a few gifts that I forgot to post so you know i'm always humping away.... As always working on sum things which consist of non ov urs...haha...ok getting back to what i've been doing .....

silver dress so sexy from my  lil wtbb and liquor he got me(no going to the store...haha)                                      

here's a note that came with my liquor..yesss we had alot of fun...haha

sexy shoes from toesniffer mike        sheer cami set from cmt toilet slut 

hot ass boots from enema slut and a few sexy things he got me

cute t-shirt from DQmary  pendants to go with my candle work from hypnoslut

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* spanks*
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