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07 October 2007 @ 11:51 pm
feeling better  
 Hello to every1 and to all my sluts,pets,and etc.....I'm feeling all better....just been a lil busy doing things....that's all you need to know....haha...my International slut got me some software that I needed...a few things came in ,but i'm going to post the stuff i been had and forgot because I was tooo damn tired to do it....I will post maybe tomorrow

 pretty panties (betsey johnson) , short skirt/sexy bustier from my lil wttb

lovely top , sexy bluejeans and camera kit,from international whore..

pretty coffee cups from Dq mary         

we all know what coffee i'm drinking *hint* the ones that came with my coffee maker that my lil wtbb got me

ok will post again...later

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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