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28 September 2007 @ 10:29 pm
hayfever n a cold cumming  
    Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts,etc...this hayfever was getting better then today it seem like i'm cumming down with a cold...a few of my friends been sick and my sis...now it looks like i'm getting a cold...*cries*...sooo i had to cancel 2 appt in RL..of course the subbies was sad...I have been seeing them for almost 10yrs..talking about controling minds, body and soul...HAHA...I just have that type of impact on my subbies lil minds.....cuz we all know I luv what I do and it shows....yesterday chatted with International Whore for like 15 min and got a Supa Dupa Bang Bang $$$$....meaning his bootyhole must be sore from the raping I had gave him ,but it was easy...he willingly  gave me his ass...haha...a few gifts came in but haven't had a chance to take pics...but I do have sum pics of my Expensive BEAUTIFUL ring and  wonderful camera....I have been playing around with it and it's works great...I also recieved a few $$$ from bois...my lil wttb,Dq mary,ttdjoe,toesniffermike...ok i'm going to take some shit that will lay me out on my back...post maybe tomorrow..

ring from International Whore ...isn't it Beautiful

another pic..I think this ring have powers..

camera from International Whore

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*
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