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21 September 2007 @ 07:26 pm
mmmmmmm coffee with a shot  
  Hello to every1 and to all my sluts,pets,etc...I've been a super busy lil bee...... since tuesday when I drain my lil wtbb for a super nice $$$ ...sucking him dry...haha..also his gifts have been flying in(from his own  special list)yes when your good boi you get special treatments.....he can send me anything right to my place...I finally got the coffee maker that my lil wtbb got me ,and i'm in luv...  can't stop making coffee..haha,and of course  he got me more  godiva chocolate a super big godiva gift basket... it almost melt from me humping it......yippi...been on a coffee kick since wednesday ,then today the godiva liquor came in ...what a good boi he is...all the other sluts are doing well...cmt been buying me gifts and $$$ gifts..DQ mary been sending me $$$ with her slutty azz...ttdjoe,and toesniffer mike been doing great with the $$$..so this week was wonderful week...  drinking on a chocolate coffee martini that I made...mmmmmm..soooo damn good....weirdness is going on time to burn my candles again...

here are my deserving  lovely GIFTS...

 a sushi kit,maken money t-shirt and my girly stuff from my lil wtbb

 a dresser  and da addictive coffee maker from my lil wtbb

oh here the flavors too(7 boxes) ...I get two type of coffee,tea,or cocoa every month lucky me,oh wait i'm cumming ..haha

my chocolates and a lil note from my lil wtbb ..what a good boi

 a pretty tunic top from ttd joe          black jeans from cmt toilet slut

more gifts cumming it just been slow getting to me....  might be going out 2nite don't know yet....some been asking me questions on how to spoil me e-mail me here gifts4goddessdavina@gmail.com
(copy n paste)

Unti Goddess Davina  Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*
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