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15 September 2007 @ 05:31 pm
had alot of fun teasing fuckers  
    Hello to every1 and to all my sluts,pets,and etc...had few tributes $$$ yesterday from  my pets Wtbb,Dq mary,cmt,ttdjoe...wtbb send me another surprise today..I can't wait till it cum..then last night I had some friends that pop over and I fix them some drinks mixed with orange rum that my lil wtbb got me  

which taste pretty good and it was fun in the bottle...afterwards  we decided to go out ..so I wore my DKNY jeans that  my liI wtbb got me months ago...
they fit sooo perfect(like painted on)...he got me some other ones( Antik Denim Eva in Dark Blue $115.00)I tried putting them on ,but they stop when it got to the ass part...had I been flat back they would had slide up perfectly...*make note to self get jeans that have more then 1% spandex*....I make sure I spray myself down with my favorite sweet smelling perfume Delices  De Cartier that my wtbb got me  of course I had to spray my friends sooooo I gave them 1 short spray  each...haha...I was teasing alot of guys and few girls flirted with me also...we had a good time...today I watch a movie called covenant that came in from netflix which my Wtbb paid for(year)...it's about 4 guys with supernatural powers...it almost like charms but the guys version...I was like a kid in a candy store..those guys look damn good......there's a locker room scene...ooohhhh weeee...somebody needs to drop the soap.....wet bodies and asses..."oh my"....they had the V thing going on if you know what I mean...or is it my hormones...maybe the surprise from wtbb that's cumming did it...it was a guy on there with neck length hair that I would luv to pull it up in a ponytail with a pink bow and drag his ass around like the cavemen did to the women back in the days...haha.... I have to get this movie...... a few prezzies came in will post later or when my hormones die down...oh yeah here's the pic that I posted on MDS with the DKNY jeans pulled down a lil you can't see cus of the heart...uh huh..yep.... and pink money t-shirt on ....that was  some time ago on my blog there ( MDS)...I'm like #2 blogger there
also wearing my cute skulls heels on...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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