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12 September 2007 @ 02:41 pm
can't wait till my...  
     Hello to every1 and to all my sluts...my #1 (wtbb) order me this coffee maker it's a single cup brewer, which is really neat........I think everybody should have one of these if your a coffee freak like me...beside the coffee maker they have  different flavors of coffee(like pumpkin spice mmmmm) ..they have tea ,cocoa,and organic coffee that you can use.....I can't wait to get it....my main problem with making a large amount of coffee for me is that  two things happen...1.you make too much  then you have to pour the rest out(reheating coffee is nasty as fuck)and 2.you have to finish the rest right away and your stuck with jitters all day(jitters that make you seem like your having a panic attack)...haha...so I share this link single cup brewer   
  soo you can check it out...........
now what else hmmmmmm beside the draining day with my  lil wtbb ....oh yeah his gifts cumming in like a mad house and a few from my others pets also(dq mary,and cmt)... the tributes $$$ been great too... I luv being spoiled....lately i've been busy trying to finish up things...alot of subs been asking me about my Rl slaves and if they are 24/7...Well no they are not.......I  tried , but it can get annoying if the slave don't follow directions at all so that's the end of that..maybe one day I find a true devoted sub for 24/7 ...also a few subs asking me if I do all those wild things of course I do...9yrs into this....no cookie cutter here.....no milk behind my ears at all...I think I done the most kinker stuff that's like crazy...I would consider insane ,but I luv it....I guess you will have to see in time...ok what other stuff  hmmmm..oh youtube fuckers who want to leave negative remarks...I told you before...all your doing is making me laugh and cum....haha..ok here are some of my gifts...I luv them all....

jewelry from my lil wtbb ...very pretty       

                  sexy wear from my lil wtbb

juicy couture perfume..this smell really good&snacks from my lil wtbb

sexy white dress and pretty hot pink furry blanket from my lil wtbb

mini tripod & mafiosa gangster outfit from cmt                        

2 books from DQ mary
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: my full moon...haha