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01 September 2007 @ 11:59 pm
consensual blackmail/blackmail  

             Hello to every1 and to all my pets,slut and etc...right now the ebil aunt is  pacing around my door...she must be getting her pratice on.... to see when she's ready to kick that fucker down...cuz once again these ghost cramps are starting up ,but nothing.....well back to what the real subject is....this is not being directed to anyone just my opinion about it,  because of the e-mails i've gotten...now here we go.... I have been getting alot of emails and so fourth from subs either want me to blackmail them or wanting to serve me ,but can't cus their mistress will chew them a new asshole...now I know that consensual blackmail is like a fantasy or some type of roleplay...I guess it gives subs an adrenaline rush at the thought that they life might be on the line and the thought of their family members,friends,co-workers and etc might see that they are some freaky ass mothafucka's (exposing their true self to the opening of the world) there's nothing wrong with being freaky or kinky, but if you live a private life it can be a pain in the ass...now consensual blackmail can be exciting if it's not being over done...some even have it if you want to leave you will have to pay a fee......now if you are release then it's all good ,but if the mistress still stalk you after you paid your fee then it's straight up blackmail.....sooooo in the begining it starts of as consensual ,but in the end  when you say ok I'm done with this and your not cut  loose then we all know ...yep it's blackmail...now  your fantasy blackmail turns into reality blackmail..which is consider illegal...*like 911 illegal*....now it's not the mistress fault ,because the subs knew what they were getting into before they started that path..it's like you wearing a brand new pair of white shoes and there's a puddle of mud.... now when you walk around the puddle guess what.... your shoes are still going to be white, but when you walk through that puddle....well I don't have to finish that one up now do I....haha...now back to me I don't do any type of blackmail nor do I care for it..it's no fun when it's force....sooo subs before you sign any consensual blackmail contract make sure you read between the fine lines stop letting that one eye fucker between your legs read it or sign it for you..ok I'm off this subject...today was wonderful..I got some more prezzies from  my lil wtbb that put me in a very happy mood...so I've been smiling all day....what a good boi he is...you others bois been doing good too....will post pics later..when I get a chance...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: and do what she have do