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31 August 2007 @ 11:42 pm
I've been humping my ass off...haha  

Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts ,and etc...goddess been busy doing a few things...well my wtbb has been spoiling me.....I  have been draining my #1 bitch(wtbb) to no return...he's been spending and giving $$$.$$ and oh yeah did i say spending...haha...Letting his wallet overflow right to me...i recieved some surprises and got soo many surprises cumming ...today I soak my panties till they were dripping when my prezzies was deliver...i miss one then another one cum.....I luv the jewelry it's sooo pretty and D&G panties are sooo pretty...my Godiva Chocolate is sooo good..mmmm one box is gone,but i got another one cuz my WTBB know how to do it right...he also got me some flowers can't wait till they cum....I luv flowers......he's know what I do to him ...he knows how to keep me happy....my other sluts DQ mary,ttdjoe,toesniffer mike, and a few new ones are doing their best i got some gifts from them and a few $$$.$$...... I been getting alot of e-mails ...it's hard to get into my world ,you have to impress me...I better have a smile then a frown...my other stuff well you know how that goes same old same old, but i'm very close this time...haha

more  hot panties from my WTBB

sexy $60 panties from WTBB

pretty jewelry (bling)from WTBB

sexy azz hot shorts from my lil WTBB

very hot laperla($99.00) n D&G($95.00) panties from WTBB..these feel so good

my wonderful chocolates from my WTBB..they taste sooo good mmmm

sexy teddies from cmt toilet slut

garmet steamer from cmt toilet slut

sexy heels from Mr. Peeper

vinyl outfit from cmt toilet slut

cute red panties($50.00) from cmt toilet slut

ok i think i got it all..they are alot of stuff i want to talk about ...but I'm still humping soo i wil get back when I'm done...haha.. 

until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
Current Music: alot brb changing panties