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29 August 2007 @ 06:26 pm
a lil bit for now..  

   Hello every1 and to all my sluts,pets ,bitches,and etc this is a lil peek a boo till I update a lil bit later....well of course i finally got my chocolate from  my lil Wtbb and been smacking on them since yesterday...caramel and nuts,some with nugget in da middle too..mmmm ..mmm...good...he's been such a good boi spoiling me like the GODDESS I am...I have been using his azz up.....I wait till all my surprises cum and then i fill you in.....oooh weee some sexy azz hot shorts that he also got me(my lil WTbb)well they would be like panties on me with this  big ole booty  and all i can say is oh boy...haha...a few other gifts came in from my other sluts some sexy shoes from mr.peeper and they look hot,a steamer from cmt toilet slut which is good cuz  because i hate to iron most of my stuff is fragile and a sexy vinyl outfit ...so i will post later when i get a chance

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

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