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05 October 2008 @ 03:45 am
just catching up  

  Hello to every1 and to all my admirers,subbie and pets...well my leg is getting better which means I will be online more ...alot of my pets misses me  and the last 5 days my internet been acting up and all last week..constantly have to reset password which is getting on my  damn nerves had to keep calling the phone company and talking to that damn machine thing pisses me off...everything now is talking to a machine which is sad and annoying as hell.....well my nts pick out a pair of heels which was nice and I pick out one ...he send $$$ and I go get them  and the rest of the $$$ I do other things with it..it's hard keeping contact with him because of his gf all in his butt cheeks ..then my footbitch aka pedipet got me some lovely heels sooo pretty didn't get a chance to take pics but will later trying to keep up with pics but I keep losing the cord to camera....the rest is doing their best with tributes soo keep it up..love all my lil admirers that been buying my clips it do make me feel special..

topcoat footslut

go admire my long fingernails and toenails you footlovers..hear my sexy voice as I tell your what your job is...

Sexy soft smoking

me looking sophisticated and doing a lil sensual smoking ..flirting with my eyes while you don't know what to do with yourself stare at my my pretty face or my super cleavage that's overflowing my pretty Gem bra...haha
There are  more on there and many more to come...better work on your collection of them...

Old Pic

an old pic yes my hair was untame  a lil.. I have soooo many pics I have to figure out where to put them as a membership...someons said they will help me...hmmmm...

these are BCBG  they are so sexy..their shoes are very comfortable too, I have a few pairs I wear out and about

these are super hot pair of heels from luichiny .. oh the ring I got a month ago from marciano (guess) it's sooo pretty...it's a very lovely ring it matches the heels

I got a few more stuff just don't feel like loading it up right now ..sometimes it can be time consuming posting gifts even though I do luv them all that's why I try to upload them on slideshow it's easier that way ...... well my  pair of heels from pedipet/footbitch is here..I will put pics later cuz those are hot too.....He's such a true footsie lover...now if we can get online at the same time that would be nice soo I can taunt and tease him...haha

waiting on analslut to get his broken up ass back to new from accident
waiting on virgin booty to give in....he looks sooo sexy dress up...
sooo does my Mr.P in his  stockings and high heels..

ok that's all for now...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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