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26 August 2008 @ 12:11 am
Been catching up with my pets..  

 Hello to everyone and to all my pets,sluts and etc....I've been trying to catch up and finish up things that I didn't get a chance to do..I uploaded some clips that I didn't have time to do because of personal life stuff ..I posted it under private in my last post  explaining most of it...well I see some new subbies cumming aboard...I have tiny weeny pasty boi  who not allow to cum.....torturing him with my  Dangerous Curves...yesss i' m ebil..he pays $$$$$$ to the Beautiful Goddess (me) for him to suffer..haha..so much fun for me  and throbbing pain for him..haha I just love it....I allow him to see me on cam and all he got was freeze pics cuz my cam kept freezing haha...so he enjoy 10 seconds of the wonderful me.....another one call toejam cleaning boi who have been sending $$$ and $$$ for about a week he love toejams and sweaty feet..and a few more who ehh doing ok...haha.......I have sooo much stuff to do and it driving me nutso...my other pets are doing good keeping up with me and being understanding...whatelse oh I love when my admirers,subbies,etc buy my clips it make me Feel Super Special..soooo keep it up...I'm smiling...sometime the preveiw thingie don't work  on the clip store so I will try to put preveiw somewhere else...sooo I will update you with that...

Crave to Inhale                                        Sexy Clingy Black Spandex Dress      
crave 2 inhale 

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*

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