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06 June 2008 @ 05:58 pm
Random stuff:happy thoughts  
   Hello to every1 to all my pets ,sluts,etc.....well I wanted to thank all my admirers who bought my clips ...I have more to come.....and I love all my gifts that I recieved big and small...my fav is VS bra  that one of my admirer gave me gc which I bought a few things and he gave me another one...yippie for me.......I love it...subbies been going crazy on my wishlist ..I love it all...my corel software came in yesterday can't wait to mess around with it(i have an older one but it acts up on my vista)... and some black sexy heels that came in the day before...I recieved more stuff today didn't get a chance to open them up ,but will later..I had a admirer go into my host like a few week ago or so and saw what a mess was in there the host I have sucks ...he told me no wonder I don't have my site up ...haha...so looking for a new one will update on that later.....I guess clipstore is changing somethings around they have gizmo store separate now so I will be adding clips there...for those of you who have gizmo (gizmo is anonymous for those who want to be secret)now there will be two stores to upload stuff.......ok going to drink tea my throat is getting alot better....

things from VS :from admirer GC                                software thanks my NTS

tall black heels from admirer GC                      more gifts that came in today...yippee

Goddess Davina is always  a DIVA..luv my tropical jungle VS bra...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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