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06 June 2008 @ 06:55 am
Ignorant people say the darndest dumb things  

   Hello to every1 and to and to all my pets,sluts,subbies ,etc,..well ME THE FUCKING Goddess been having the time of my fucking life...my B-day was a lil bad because of my sinuses so I didn't go out like the way I wanted but that's not stopping me from making it up...after that I had an ear ache with a sorethroat for a few day when I thought I was geting better....oh and the wonderful gifts that's came in and more on the way..I can't wait....what can I fucking say....I haven't been updating on gifts in a while because of ...hmmm ...yess my busy schedule ,but what can I say I am thee Ultimate Goddess...yess ......sooooo I wanted to talk about why do haters say dumb things...oh yesss soooo dumb they don't know how dumb it is...I been wanting to talk about this subject for awhile especially being black well people don't know what the fuck I am..I constantly getting ask what I am..well I AM BEING ME...that's all you need to know....haha...well as you know dumb people say dummiest things and we all know youtube(which we all know is WEAK ASS DOMMES with their FAKE AZZ ACCOUNTS) is know for dumb ass fuckers to say dumb ass things...though you try to ignore ,but some things you can't... well anyway some one name hateucunt say something about me trying to be white...LMAOADANL(laughing my ass of all day and night long)...boy the tears kept cumming..... I laugh sooo hard.....so when a white person wears dreadlocks are they trying to be jamaicans(even though they come in all different races),no they not it's called preference...meaning it's their CHOICE.....so back to what I'm getting at about this hater name hateucunt left me a lovely message about me staying in my place...well not exactly like that, but called me out my name so I will post it here(not like others who say they have documents and don't post...I like to post the shit...I get a kick out of it actually I'm wet right now...haha) just to let people know I don't make up stories not afraid to post proof

...so sad I get these type of mail all the time,but it's not like it's the first  and it won't be the last......sooo keep stressing I know it's really a soooo sad useless domme hating as usual... regardless of what they say My Day Will be PERFECT Always...


hmm ok dumb ass fuckers ....oh they are more then one of these fuckers floating around....here we go...I don't have a problem if you LOVE wearing your hair like,straight,curly,Afro or your hair looks like SPONGE BOB,SOS PAD(cleaning pads for the yellow bus fuckers),BEBE SHOTS and not let's Forget about the AFRO KNOTS,FAKE BRAIDS you know micro and all that good stuff(not your hair) if you dye your hair RED ,PURPLE,YELLOW,BLUE,MOHAWKS,SHAVE your HEAD BALD..or whatever ELSE you do to your motherfucking head IT"S CALLED PREFERENCE...... it's called what your choice is ...just the way your life is, you have CHOICES to do WHATEVER THE fuck you want to do....just be happy you have choices because some countries you don't...as long as there are CHOICES... I'M GOING TO DO WHATEVER AND WHEN EVER AND WHERE EVER THE FUCK I WANT TO DO.....I'm quite sure the Melanesian people(malaita which some are born with blond hair) from the solomon islands didn't pop out their mom love hole trying to be white



....I know there is no dark and lovely dye in her uterus and i'm damn sure there is no texturizer up in there either....I know when she was on that delivery table nothing came out behind them....soooo if you want to called me something called me them because they are beautiful and dark(the islands)yeah you can search it yourself and some of them are born that way..hahah....BOY I LOVE ME MORE AND IT FEELS TOO DAMN GOOD...haha....I can't stand hypocrite motherfuckers and they are all over...kissing your AZZ and STabbing you in the back at the same time..spamming your page(thinking maybe I get her guys) then talk about your ass at the same time knowing they got their sagging azz titties out(let's not forget the fake ethnic lj you made to make money because you can't make it on your own)..Yes i'm on to your game---->*hateucunt*...oh don't forget (other Dommes) they fake accounts with the head crop out on youtube (with their flat AZZ wearing a thong and bra showing but don't get flag..) but want to talk about other dommes on their real account(you know the ones they all on here)piece the parts up and voice ...you figure it out one day... HELLO>>>haha..AND YOU TRYING TO CALL ME FAKE!!.HAHA I DON'T HAVE TO HIDE BEHIDE NOTHING TO MAKE MY MONEY or TRAIN MY SUBS... I'M RIGHT HERE IN YOUR FACE....(AND LET GET THIS NATURAL THING STRAIGHT) if you shave your legs ,shave your arms let's no forget the lovely armpits either...YOU ARE NOT NATURAL...if you got tattoo's and piercing and implants and I don't care what implants they are..if you used condition,shampoo,oils(that you rub your body down) that YOU didn't cum out your mom's love hole with it ....YOU ARE NOT NATURAL(if you want to go all natural just used all water)...So I don't want to hear that shit ok CUNTBAGS...because you all fakes just like my video on youtube...we all got something fake about us...so let's not play like we all are mary you know (the virgin even thoe that's questionable who fucking knows ..RIGHT).. Sooo you contuine doing what you do best(HATE) and GODDESS DAVINA (will GROW) is going to continue doing ME..(CUZ I ALWAYS LUV ME MORE)

Ps.to the two same Dommes the keep cumming on my page I love how one is saying things(key words) about the other on thier profile(but they are homies).......hahahah...yep I know this is a long post but there are somethings I had to get off my chest... my next post will be about update and etc.. and here my fav picture again...haha

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*



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