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20 January 2008 @ 07:41 pm
 Hello to every1 and to all my pets and stalkers too *wink*....well I'm slightly mad for one I had to soak off my overlay off my nails and the place I went to was different cus I didn't want to go back to my old place because the owners had change and it wasn't the same after that...... they had dogs(three mini pinchers )shitting all over the place so that was my main concern plus sanitary reason along with worring about stepping on shit..well the  new place kept my nails soaking too long so I had to cut them down  plus some of them crack and I was not a happy camper at all....luckily my nails grows fast so it will take a couple months to get them back if not sooner...believe me they grow fast you should see my toenails if I was to clip them I have enought to feed a few toe jam eating subs....haha...so of course the youtube stalkers are back you know the ones that are telling you to get a job and so fourth..... oh yea the stalker name is*itstoobadyousuck* look how lovely they life is stalking people ..I wish I can be them NOT!!!!....took time to leave it on 6 of my vids and twice on one...GREAT JOB!! now don't you wish you got paid to do it....haha...well while reading the stuff they wrote I got  a chance to zap more energy towards my way...aaawww thanks so sweet of you...you shouldn't had......now the main reason of writing this post is for the fuck up slaves/sub that's looking for a free pony ride domme....let's get this straight no one rides my back...you ain't getting no chatting,webcam,pics **except for the ones I post when I'm generous** and D all the above and then some for free.....my time is precious your the fucking my lil pony bitch with the pink bow...I put the dip in your back...nobody  is dipping my back...I do all the riding bitches by the time I'm through with you my lil pony ..you will have a broken back... stomach hitting the ground,sidewalk ,hills,mountains,the botton of the sea,ocean or where ever I ride you at....haha....they are plenty of dommes who loves giving pony rides for free...so yee haw everybody  grab your saddle and hop on it ...leave me the fuck alone cus I'm just gonna send you packing with bags you didn't know you had..... you thought you had two ,but you'll be leaving with 6 or more....haha...oh yeah I guess you had the free pony ride dommes...you used them till you couldn't no more...now you trying to see who else is giving the free rides...oh no keep on going not here past this Beautiful Black Domme up i'm not the one...so I guess you have to learn to ride your own back...haha...so do backflips trying.....wouldn't that be fun...so I leave you with this picture no need to put the middle finger up because it's not about you it's about me.... my finger is pointing at me and saying I'm #1 so you better have that thought about me before you go to bed and before you wake up...well that's all for now...new trend setting words I made up **Free pony ride domme**(notice the color brown like shit)...hahaha...I speak nothing ,but the truth and let it set you free...hahaha....

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*
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