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01 December 2007 @ 07:04 pm
hanging over...  
     Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts,and etc....I had fun went out  with my friends and show off my boots.  I was looking soooooo fabulous everybody kept giving me compliments all night long and drinks kept cumming...some guy open a tab then we went nuts loads of drinks ,ordering food and stuff ...smacking on hot wings  and other food in his face...telling him he can have the bones and scraps...haha....half eating food and leaving it then we order more stuff his eyes was sooo big I thought they was going to fall out........then me and my friends was bumping and grinding each other making the guys all hot and bother.....teasing all those poor guys was sooo much fun for me....then to tell them see you later alligator and walk away was eveen more fun...HAHA...so I'm hungover a bit...I got my  BEAUTIFUL bracelet  that my lil white whore got me and it look sooo BEAUTIFUL goes sooo well with my BEAUTIFUL ring......  will post pics tomorrow..well beside hanging over and pmsing (yes ebil aunt pop up on me)today was pulling hair day not mines of course....this dumb fuck wants to be slap around and me pulling his hair till I get a handful....I specialize in this as in many times when I was in grade school girls fight or should a say catfight  hair pulling was one of those things that happen... you know clothes torn and  popping off, titties hanging out ,scratches all over,getting dirty after falling on the ground rolling all around and then the fight is broken up and there this many piles of hair all over sooo you touch your head to make sure it wasn't yours....haha....so when I saw him I make sure I got a couple of hands fulls .....I call him tweety but after today he's on his way to be called gerber baby...haha...when I was finish I told him he should go get the hair plug thing.... maybe I might go easy on him next time I see him...haha...well I'm goin to lay down...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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