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30 November 2007 @ 10:38 am
I can't wait....A supa dupa happy ME  
    Hello to every1 and to all my pets,slut,and etc.....well most of my lovely things that my lil WHITE WHORE got me came in and I'm having more cumming soon...just let his white whore ass shop on my list clicking away while I'll been making room for new things.....It feels soooo good to sit at the  computer on my BIG BEAUTFUL BLACK PHAt ASS and recieved all my lovely gifts without going anywhere....no traveling here or going to the post office just let the UPS man cum up the stairs ,huffing and puffing....couldn't take pics with my fuji cam cuz I need batteries....ok I'm keeping it short ...might update this later.....here are the things that  lil white whore got me...

my lovely boots I just love them....expensive ass CHARLES DAVID boots($675) on my royal superior feet...if that lil white whore was in front of me i'll make him suck the heel....haha

feeling the ummmm yeah ...LOVE
look sooo good on me and my purple sweater..yeah I know my room is junkie...soooo fucking what...haha

my sexy BCB shoes...yess from my lil white whore

my computer chair from my lil White Whore and bookcase
my logetic webcam from my lil White Whore

my three cute and seexy guess  tops from my lil white whore ass

still waiting on a few things to cum...I love gifts and being pamper....will take more pic of me in these lovely things...maybe..keep hope alive

Untill Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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Current Mood: energeticenergetic