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27 November 2007 @ 06:07 pm
super dupa happy camper goddess  
  Hello to every1 and to all my pets,sluts and etc...your goddess been away but not missing...just been busy and was a lil sick over the weekend and  the last couple of days(damn sinuses)....my sluts been doing very well I recieved some amazon GC from new pup slave B,gifts/$$$ from dq mary ,gifts/$$$ from toesniffer mike and my lil hypnotize slutty white whore been doing very well he got me a few things a week ago a bookcase that came in today,computer chair and a sexy tunic sweater,but doodoo forgot to get them expedited..so goddess been waiting for them ....then on thanksgiving I stuff him with dressing with my 10incher ...haha...somethings didn't go through but he's a whore of his word and boy did he make me sooooo super happy today...made my sinuses clear right up...the Beautiful words I love to hear "Let's GO Shopping".....haha....I gave him a good raping he will never forget.....this time everything expedited....I bet his mouth and butt is sore...haha... bang him so hard my 10 incher have a bend to it now.....haha...he's knows I'm worth the sacrifice...

here's the Full Damage what I did to him...he's prolly rubbing his sore booty right now....haha....


Well of course yall remember the expensive Beautiful ring he got me a while ago http://goddessdavina.livejournal.com/6570.html .. now I will have the  expensive Beautiful Bracelet to go with it...don't you just love me...it's ok I know I do...yippeeeee

expensive Charles Davidson Giselle Platform Boots on my supreme size 10 FEET (yes the same size as my 10 incher)...haha {zoom on pic}
update they didn't have the black boots image but now they do...I love them...

BCb girls Women's tuya Mary Jane Pumps
four Guess tops
 Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Military Inspired Wool Coat

I love being spoil and pamper.....Will post gifts when it get here...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*

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