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17 February 2011 @ 06:11 am

  Hello to all my pets,subbies and  admirers....I just discover I have a livejournal!! since I got one... matter as well post in it...I haven't post one here in a long while as in public posting...I've been posting just haven't release them, some subjects I wanted to talk about, but then I just change my mind that's just the Gemini in me.....but do you really want to know why I stop posting on here well I tell you another time..

anyway I had a few session last week with a two pain sluts and one new butt slut whose ass is loose as a goose.... I guess it must been their lucky week because I was pmsing so they got what they deserve balls kicking,spitting,spankings,strap-on and etc ...I do find that some slaves tolerance for pain is higher then others and some of them had bad experinces with other Dommes... one said the Domme he seen was too soft, the other one said he can take alot of pain but don't break the skin and that Domme did..

I had this same talk with a slave I seen for a session a while ago and he also was telling me how this one Domme just went to wacking him heavy after he told her his limits....limits are there for a reason now if you get someone say do as you please...have your way with me then of course I'm going to go to work on his ass and then some..now if there are limits it's a reason why they are there...I can't tell you everything you have to figure it out for yourself...main thing though is communication ...it helps alot..

...so monday was bloody valentines days for me as the aunt flo wouldn't let me go ,but the evening  wasn't bad my trapped uk slave wish me a Happy Valentines day and wanted to get me some roses...... I gave him the link to my wishlist and got me two dozen of roses off my wishlist ...his qoute "you know why I got you the roses!.. because you deserve them"  yes I do and they are very beautiful they came on weds bout 5:30 pm pretty fast to me...

.then I chatted with slave doggie he wish me a Happy Valentines Day wanted to make sure I got my stuff..

yes the skirt in a small (I know with my big ass)..I wanted it to be tight

lost dumb pup woke me up early like 4am after he text me he send me $$$$..I was tired and cramping bad but I guess it was worth the wake up...so I'm happy big or small it's the thought that counts... the thought that you appreciate me..Well that wrap thing up for now.

So here a lovely picture of me!!! for you to enjoy.

until Goddess Davina Speaks again

*Spanks Spanks*
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17 September 2009 @ 12:50 pm
will update later
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05 October 2008 @ 03:45 am

  Hello to every1 and to all my admirers,subbie and pets...well my leg is getting better which means I will be online more ...alot of my pets misses me  and the last 5 days my internet been acting up and all last week..constantly have to reset password which is getting on my  damn nerves had to keep calling the phone company and talking to that damn machine thing pisses me off...everything now is talking to a machine which is sad and annoying as hell.....well my nts pick out a pair of heels which was nice and I pick out one ...he send $$$ and I go get them  and the rest of the $$$ I do other things with it..it's hard keeping contact with him because of his gf all in his butt cheeks ..then my footbitch aka pedipet got me some lovely heels sooo pretty didn't get a chance to take pics but will later trying to keep up with pics but I keep losing the cord to camera....the rest is doing their best with tributes soo keep it up..love all my lil admirers that been buying my clips it do make me feel special..

topcoat footslut

go admire my long fingernails and toenails you footlovers..hear my sexy voice as I tell your what your job is...

Sexy soft smoking

me looking sophisticated and doing a lil sensual smoking ..flirting with my eyes while you don't know what to do with yourself stare at my my pretty face or my super cleavage that's overflowing my pretty Gem bra...haha
There are  more on there and many more to come...better work on your collection of them...

Old Pic

an old pic yes my hair was untame  a lil.. I have soooo many pics I have to figure out where to put them as a membership...someons said they will help me...hmmmm...

these are BCBG  they are so sexy..their shoes are very comfortable too, I have a few pairs I wear out and about

these are super hot pair of heels from luichiny .. oh the ring I got a month ago from marciano (guess) it's sooo pretty...it's a very lovely ring it matches the heels

I got a few more stuff just don't feel like loading it up right now ..sometimes it can be time consuming posting gifts even though I do luv them all that's why I try to upload them on slideshow it's easier that way ...... well my  pair of heels from pedipet/footbitch is here..I will put pics later cuz those are hot too.....He's such a true footsie lover...now if we can get online at the same time that would be nice soo I can taunt and tease him...haha

waiting on analslut to get his broken up ass back to new from accident
waiting on virgin booty to give in....he looks sooo sexy dress up...
sooo does my Mr.P in his  stockings and high heels..

ok that's all for now...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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27 September 2008 @ 06:37 pm

  Hello every1 and to all my admirers,subbies and pets...I've just been busy plus I hurt my leg a lil bit. It's alot better now then it was before so i'm just keeping an eye on it......sooooo on to wonderful things...I've been trying to keep up with putting clips up..........well I'm trying getting back to posting vids on youtube and flickr ,but you know how the *~qoute ~on ~qoute~*     AKA  **~haters~** are ....now trying to flag me on flickr......Wow  life must be good for them *~NOT~*...HAHA....got to update my gifts when I can...will have to make a new slide show or something and nts keep sending me $$$$$ and links to things he think that would look great on me and he's right......

I have added two vids with my voice the other one on you tube don't have it.....my sexy preview will be on somewhere else will let you know...hmm my youtube is almost 2yrs old...
Smoke~notic:Crave To Inhale

Hypnotic:One Hand Trance

the ring and braclet was bought by white whore last yr and it's real (no junk jewelry) though I luv junk jewelry too..haha...the ring is $700 something and the braclet was around that too the color is soooo vivid I get alot of compliments...he was suppose to had got me the earrings to match before he floated his whore ass off..he used to be a whore  of his word..oh well fuck it...

yeah yeah I know my loud ass music(have to update it) just double click it like a good boi...kay..I will have some with me talking directly in the camera(well there's two on my store with direct voice) no software crap... I never used software for my voice I love my voice sooo sexy when I do my vids with voice it's my voice....so my direct vids will not be voice overs..kay..no KU FU or Samarai Sunday crap for those who don't know..HAHA...my uncles used to watch them movies...

ok well I will get back to youse laters....soooo on that note

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*
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26 August 2008 @ 12:11 am

 Hello to everyone and to all my pets,sluts and etc....I've been trying to catch up and finish up things that I didn't get a chance to do..I uploaded some clips that I didn't have time to do because of personal life stuff ..I posted it under private in my last post  explaining most of it...well I see some new subbies cumming aboard...I have tiny weeny pasty boi  who not allow to cum.....torturing him with my  Dangerous Curves...yesss i' m ebil..he pays $$$$$$ to the Beautiful Goddess (me) for him to suffer..haha..so much fun for me  and throbbing pain for him..haha I just love it....I allow him to see me on cam and all he got was freeze pics cuz my cam kept freezing haha...so he enjoy 10 seconds of the wonderful me.....another one call toejam cleaning boi who have been sending $$$ and $$$ for about a week he love toejams and sweaty feet..and a few more who ehh doing ok...haha.......I have sooo much stuff to do and it driving me nutso...my other pets are doing good keeping up with me and being understanding...whatelse oh I love when my admirers,subbies,etc buy my clips it make me Feel Super Special..soooo keep it up...I'm smiling...sometime the preveiw thingie don't work  on the clip store so I will try to put preveiw somewhere else...sooo I will update you with that...

Crave to Inhale                                        Sexy Clingy Black Spandex Dress      
crave 2 inhale 

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*

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06 June 2008 @ 05:58 pm
   Hello to every1 to all my pets ,sluts,etc.....well I wanted to thank all my admirers who bought my clips ...I have more to come.....and I love all my gifts that I recieved big and small...my fav is VS bra  that one of my admirer gave me gc which I bought a few things and he gave me another one...yippie for me.......I love it...subbies been going crazy on my wishlist ..I love it all...my corel software came in yesterday can't wait to mess around with it(i have an older one but it acts up on my vista)... and some black sexy heels that came in the day before...I recieved more stuff today didn't get a chance to open them up ,but will later..I had a admirer go into my host like a few week ago or so and saw what a mess was in there the host I have sucks ...he told me no wonder I don't have my site up ...haha...so looking for a new one will update on that later.....I guess clipstore is changing somethings around they have gizmo store separate now so I will be adding clips there...for those of you who have gizmo (gizmo is anonymous for those who want to be secret)now there will be two stores to upload stuff.......ok going to drink tea my throat is getting alot better....

things from VS :from admirer GC                                software thanks my NTS

tall black heels from admirer GC                      more gifts that came in today...yippee

Goddess Davina is always  a DIVA..luv my tropical jungle VS bra...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again
*spanks* *spanks*
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   Hello to every1 and to and to all my pets,sluts,subbies ,etc,..well ME THE FUCKING Goddess been having the time of my fucking life...my B-day was a lil bad because of my sinuses so I didn't go out like the way I wanted but that's not stopping me from making it up...after that I had an ear ache with a sorethroat for a few day when I thought I was geting better....oh and the wonderful gifts that's came in and more on the way..I can't wait....what can I fucking say....I haven't been updating on gifts in a while because of ...hmmm ...yess my busy schedule ,but what can I say I am thee Ultimate Goddess...yess ......sooooo I wanted to talk about why do haters say dumb things...oh yesss soooo dumb they don't know how dumb it is...I been wanting to talk about this subject for awhile especially being black well people don't know what the fuck I am..I constantly getting ask what I am..well I AM BEING ME...that's all you need to know....haha...well as you know dumb people say dummiest things and we all know youtube(which we all know is WEAK ASS DOMMES with their FAKE AZZ ACCOUNTS) is know for dumb ass fuckers to say dumb ass things...though you try to ignore ,but some things you can't... well anyway some one name hateucunt say something about me trying to be white...LMAOADANL(laughing my ass of all day and night long)...boy the tears kept cumming..... I laugh sooo hard.....so when a white person wears dreadlocks are they trying to be jamaicans(even though they come in all different races),no they not it's called preference...meaning it's their CHOICE.....so back to what I'm getting at about this hater name hateucunt left me a lovely message about me staying in my place...well not exactly like that, but called me out my name so I will post it here(not like others who say they have documents and don't post...I like to post the shit...I get a kick out of it actually I'm wet right now...haha) just to let people know I don't make up stories not afraid to post proof

...so sad I get these type of mail all the time,but it's not like it's the first  and it won't be the last......sooo keep stressing I know it's really a soooo sad useless domme hating as usual... regardless of what they say My Day Will be PERFECT Always...


hmm ok dumb ass fuckers ....oh they are more then one of these fuckers floating around....here we go...I don't have a problem if you LOVE wearing your hair like,straight,curly,Afro or your hair looks like SPONGE BOB,SOS PAD(cleaning pads for the yellow bus fuckers),BEBE SHOTS and not let's Forget about the AFRO KNOTS,FAKE BRAIDS you know micro and all that good stuff(not your hair) if you dye your hair RED ,PURPLE,YELLOW,BLUE,MOHAWKS,SHAVE your HEAD BALD..or whatever ELSE you do to your motherfucking head IT"S CALLED PREFERENCE...... it's called what your choice is ...just the way your life is, you have CHOICES to do WHATEVER THE fuck you want to do....just be happy you have choices because some countries you don't...as long as there are CHOICES... I'M GOING TO DO WHATEVER AND WHEN EVER AND WHERE EVER THE FUCK I WANT TO DO.....I'm quite sure the Melanesian people(malaita which some are born with blond hair) from the solomon islands didn't pop out their mom love hole trying to be white



....I know there is no dark and lovely dye in her uterus and i'm damn sure there is no texturizer up in there either....I know when she was on that delivery table nothing came out behind them....soooo if you want to called me something called me them because they are beautiful and dark(the islands)yeah you can search it yourself and some of them are born that way..hahah....BOY I LOVE ME MORE AND IT FEELS TOO DAMN GOOD...haha....I can't stand hypocrite motherfuckers and they are all over...kissing your AZZ and STabbing you in the back at the same time..spamming your page(thinking maybe I get her guys) then talk about your ass at the same time knowing they got their sagging azz titties out(let's not forget the fake ethnic lj you made to make money because you can't make it on your own)..Yes i'm on to your game---->*hateucunt*...oh don't forget (other Dommes) they fake accounts with the head crop out on youtube (with their flat AZZ wearing a thong and bra showing but don't get flag..) but want to talk about other dommes on their real account(you know the ones they all on here)piece the parts up and voice ...you figure it out one day... HELLO>>>haha..AND YOU TRYING TO CALL ME FAKE!!.HAHA I DON'T HAVE TO HIDE BEHIDE NOTHING TO MAKE MY MONEY or TRAIN MY SUBS... I'M RIGHT HERE IN YOUR FACE....(AND LET GET THIS NATURAL THING STRAIGHT) if you shave your legs ,shave your arms let's no forget the lovely armpits either...YOU ARE NOT NATURAL...if you got tattoo's and piercing and implants and I don't care what implants they are..if you used condition,shampoo,oils(that you rub your body down) that YOU didn't cum out your mom's love hole with it ....YOU ARE NOT NATURAL(if you want to go all natural just used all water)...So I don't want to hear that shit ok CUNTBAGS...because you all fakes just like my video on youtube...we all got something fake about us...so let's not play like we all are mary you know (the virgin even thoe that's questionable who fucking knows ..RIGHT).. Sooo you contuine doing what you do best(HATE) and GODDESS DAVINA (will GROW) is going to continue doing ME..(CUZ I ALWAYS LUV ME MORE)

Ps.to the two same Dommes the keep cumming on my page I love how one is saying things(key words) about the other on thier profile(but they are homies).......hahahah...yep I know this is a long post but there are somethings I had to get off my chest... my next post will be about update and etc.. and here my fav picture again...haha

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*



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28 May 2008 @ 06:45 pm
  ,Hello to every1 and to all my pets,slut and etc...goddess been getting alot of emails for request  to do typical stuff soooo I've been working on that since those are soooo easy to do...I will let you know when i'm done........some I find funny but i'm a natural at it...have lots of vids I did with old slaves maybe I put them together and sell them I don't know yet.......feeling a lil devious today and it feels sooo damn good...you know what I mean...that's it for now...most of all my b-day gifts came in  and $$$$ so of course i'm a super dupa happy camper....I made the last post for friends only.... I see that she took it down...I guess she don't want the world to know how UNCREATIVE she is....haha...ok back to being a busy lil bee....Oh I think I might be getting a few new worthy rl slaves sooo stay tune for that...

here's a reminder of my  LOVELY t-shirt.... words can be a powerful thing

 Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*
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Hello to every1 and to all my pets...Goddess is still here (all my pets know this don't you...uh huh),but haven't had time to post in journal been way to busy....as some of the concern subbies or nosey fake dommes have told me.. I've been drunks since march....hmmm maybe *BURPS* aaahhhh the smell of vodka in your face...haha....i'm on this new site and I have gotten a few worth pets online and in RL they have been doing great keep making happy....Well you know of course I'm still getting spoiled by gifts and $$$$...was sick last week and had family that visit sooo didn't get on yahoo last week...recieved some wonderful gifts last week....this vinyl jumper that my vinyl licker pet got me is soooo hot and I had to squeeze my big ass into and wear it all around the house... had to get it in a large...some stuff they don't make for big booty beauties like me...my make-up came in from pedipet he got me a few lovely gifts...NTS pet  been going wild on my gifts got me $150 dollars worth of coffee cause goddess was all out and a $100 on a few skin care stuff that I wanted and send me a outrageous amount of earrly B-day $$$$$ he's going to be away to paris next week .... I'm such a happy camper I don't know what to do with myself...I will be on yahoo later tonight for the worthy ones..

       I'm so hypnotic                           worship my PHAT AZZ..

         on your knees like a good boi...

Until Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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03 March 2008 @ 07:30 pm

 Hello every1 and to all my pets just stepping in a bit....My head is spinning right now from weekend partying splurge......it started friday and ended 7am this morning...me and all my friends are hung over pretty bad.....I haven't been out in a while so I guess I must have been making up for lost time and now I'm paying for it...my good subbies been keeping me happy and a few new ones are doing good too.....I wanted to post about something ,but with my head spinning like this I will do it 2morrow when I can see straight....ok back to drinking gatorade....

Untill Goddess Davina Speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*

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