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16 August 2007 @ 11:54 pm
ole what fun it is  
Hello to every1 and to all my sluts,pets,etc..the goddess been having fun with my wtbb and a few others...haha...my wtbb my #1 bitch been very good he tribute BIG $$$.$$ to me on tuesday...he got me an external hard drive that i needed then today more fun(BIG $$$.$$) with my wtbb turning him into my  lil junkie..boy he made me soooo happy i had to keep changing my panties it felt soo good...haha...also speaking of panties my lavinia panties came in three of them at $30 a pop that my wtbb got me.....I  got one expensive Booty..haha...i will update later...a few of my other sluts got me some stuff  and tribute..but ummm yeah whatever anyway ...new sluts been writing me wanting to serve me..I will see how it works out...ok I got sum thangs to do..

Until Goddess Davina speaks Again

*spanks* *spanks*   

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Current Music: wringing and hanging...haha